We vaccinate for Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calci, Panleukopenia, and Chlamydia. We do not vaccinate for Leukemia or FIP, because research has shown that these vaccinations can actually cause these diseases. Also, the antibodies from the vaccines will remain in your cat's body, which will cause it to test positive for leukemia or FIP for the rest of its life. This can make it difficult in the future to diagnose any health problems that your cat may be having, because your kitty will always test positive for these antibodies. If your kitty is older than 12 weeks of age, it will need to have a rabies shot as well, in order for the airlines to allow them to fly. The cost of the rabies vaccination is $40.00 and is the responsibility of the buyer.

We guarantee that our kittens have not been exposed to FIV, FELV, Feline AIDS, or Feline Leukemia. Our cats are never allowed to go outside or near other animals. We do not allow studs to be brought into our home, as they can bring in diseases. If any of our cats are diagnosed with a genetic defect or a disease by a certified veterinarian within the first year, which could shorten it's life span or lead to death, we will replace your kitten with a kitten of equal quality and value. We will not give you a cash refund.

We will give you your kittens CFA registration papers at the time that we give you your kitten. We will leave the name blank on the registration, so that you can choose your kitten's permanent name. The kittens are given "baby" names while they are in our home, because it is easier to keep track of them and also for our own records.

If a kitten arrives at your home and the kitten is not adjusting well, or if the kitten becomes a problem for your family, we will allow you to return the kitten to our home, within the first month. The buyer will need to pay to have it shipped back to us, and payments/deposits are non-refundable. We want our kittens to grow up in a stable, happy environment, where the situation is suitable for them and their family. If you cannot keep your kitten, and it is past the one month period, we will help you to find a new home for them. Please do not take the kitten to a shelter!

Our kittens are usually ready to be weaned and go to their new homes when they are 10-12 weeks of age, but we leave it up to them. Once the mama cats have weaned them completely, they will be ready to go to their new home.


At this time, we are only able to sell our kittens as pets, due to our contract with Jackson's breeder. We will be able to sell kittens to breeders in the future, but it will be on a very selective basis. Pet kittens cost $950.00, plus 3.9% sales tax if you live in the state of Colorado and can be reserved for a $250.00 non-refundable deposit. The deposit does go towards the cost of your kitten. When I receive your deposit, I will place you on my waiting list for a kitten. When I have kittens available for you, I will send you pictures of the kittens with a description and you can choose a kitten or you can choose to wait for another litter, if I don't have the right kitten for you. We do accept payments as long as the kitten is paid off within a reasonable amount of time. The cost of the kitten does include first shots, exam and de-worming. We do give a $100.00 discount if you purchase two kittens. They provide great companions for each other and it can make the transition easier for the kittens.

All deposits/payments are non-refundable. I do promise that you will receive a beautiful, healthy, cuddly little kitten and it will be worth the wait. I do provide a health guarantee that you will receive when you receive your kitten, along with their first shot, exam and deworming information and CFA registration slip.

We do ship kittens, within the United States. We will also ship a kitten internationally, if it is a flight that will not be too stressful on the kitten. Your shipping costs will be different, depending on your airport and where you live. We accept money orders, cashiers checks, cash, or you can make a credit card payment through PayPal.


Our kittens are shipped out of Denver International Airport and the cost of shipping is usually between $289.00 and $350.00, within the United States. The cost can vary depending on your airport, and where you are located. I will contact the airport and give you an exact cost on shipping, once I find out where the kittens will be shipped to. My driver charges $250.00 for the four-hour round trip to the airport and the gas to get the kitten to the airport. Much of the time it ends up being more than four hours due to sitting in traffic trying to get all the way through Denver. Plus, the kittens have to be there two hours ahead of time, so it does take a full day to get there, check them in and get home again. Not to mention, making all the arrangements with the airlines and going to the vet an extra time to get the health certificate. The airline approved carrier costs $60.00 -75.00, depending on the size.

The health certificate costs $90.00 and the rabies vaccination is an additional $50.00, if the kitten is going to need to be shipped to you. I will only need to get a rabies shot if the kitten is older than four months. The airport requires it.

No kittens will be shipped until we have received payment for these charges and the cost of the kitten. Deposits and payments made on kittens are non-refundable. We accept cash, money orders, cashier's checks and credit card payments, made through PayPal. PayPal does charge a 4% transaction fee, which will be charged to the buyer.

Flying cats on airlines is usually very safe. However, if for some reason your kitten gets sick or dies due to something that happens on the airplane or at the airport, we will not be held responsible. Once the kitten leaves our care, it is the responsibility of the airline to deliver the kittens safely. We do purchase insurance that covers the cost of the kitten through the airline, when the kitten is shipped. However, the buyer would need to file a claim with the airport's insurance company if anything unforseen should happen, during the flight.